Install Cinema HD APK on Nvidia Shield [Guide]

By | July 16, 2021

Install Cinema HD APK on Nvidia Shield [Guide]: Various companies are producing AndroidTV boxes with the Android operating system installed. Works perfectly with Nvidia Shield, Cherwell T9, Minix Neo, Ematic Jetstream, Mi TVStick.

Install Cinema HD APK on Nvidia Shield [Guide]

Cinema HD APK on Nvidia Shield

  1. Connect the Cinema HD APK on the Nvidia Shield
  2. shield box to your smart TV and, if you have an active internet connection, connect it to your wireless network.
  3. Access the Nvidia shield settings section using your remote or voice command.
  4. Then go to the [Security and restrictions] tab under Settings.
  5. Activate the “Unknown sources” option to allow the installation of third-party applications on your AndroidTV box.
  6. Go back to the main screen of your Android TV box and open the Google Play Store.
  7. Search for “analytic” and install the app.
  8. Once the installation process is complete, open the analytics app.
  9. The analytics app measures the speed of your internet connection. Please wait.
  10. Go to the web verification option in the left menu.
  11. A web browser window opens in the analytics application on the AndroidTV box (Nvidia shield).
  12. Type and press Enter.
  13. You will be redirected to a dedicated page where you can directly download the application.
  14. Scroll down until you find the app and download it.
  15. Grant all permissions displayed on the screen.
  16. If you have not used the option to install unknown applications on your Android TV box, now is the right time to use this setting.
  17. The APK will start to download directly from this web page.
  18. Once the download is complete, you can see Nvidia shield start installing the app.
  19. [Click on the Install option to start the installation of the Cinema HD APK on the Nvidia Shield application on your AndroidTV box.
  20. Once the program is finished, you will receive a notification on your AndroidTV box indicating that the application has been installed successfully.

Cinema HD APK on Smart TV

Here’s how to install CinemaHD on NVIDIAShield.

  • install downloader
  • Open the Google Play Store from the list of apps, search for “downloader” and click Install.
  • To activate installation from unknown sources
  • To allow Downloader to install CinemaHD outside of GoogleAppStore, you must allow installation from unknown sources. This is a security feature, so be careful when installing unfamiliar apps and make sure you trust them.
  • Go to Settings> Security & restrictions> Unknown sources.
  • Click on Downloader and the Downloader app will open the function.

Cinema HD V2

Download and install CinemaHD

  • Open the download app from the apps list on the home screen and enter the following URL in the URL box at the top.
  • After downloading, click “Install” on the downloader screen and click “Install” again on the white screen of the Android installation dialog box.
  • After installation, you can select “Done” and return or select “Open” and open CinemaHD.
  • When you return to Downloader, you will see an option to remove the installation files. I keep removing the apk installer to free up space because I don’t need it.
  • CinemaHD is installed. You can access it from [Settings]> [Applications].
  • If you’re using Cinema HD APK, don’t forget to make sure you’re using a VPN.
  • Refer to the NVIDIAShield guide to install other Shield applications.

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