Cinema HD APK Real Debrid Not Working [Solved]

By | July 16, 2021

Cinema HD APK Real Debrid Not Working [Solved]: Let’s talk about how our favorite applications can learn more about unexpected error information and recover quickly. According to Real-Debrid, a recently updated application (which doesn’t immediately use its name) creates every link it finds and doubles the total traffic. This problem is called a ‘DDoS’ attack. Real-Debrid had to set limits to prevent this.

Cinema HD APK Real Debrid Not Working [Solved]

Some applications (including Cinema HD APK Real Debrid Not Working) have an “auto resolution” feature. This feature is enabled by default and checks all detailed links when displayed. With Cinema HD’s latest update, all detected links are automatically analyzed and Real-Debrid servers are neurologically D-dosed.

Cinema HD APK Real Debrid Not Working

What is the solution?

But don’t worry. In this, we propose a very simple solution for solving RealDebrid and CinemaHD problems. Go to Cinema HD Real Debreed settings and select the option to turn off premium link resolution.

Selecting this option disables automatic resolution and streams Real-Debrid of requests that burden the server. Here you can use Real-Debrid as efficiently as before in the latest version of Cinema HD V2.


So I’m back with an update that fixes the CinemaHD and RealDebrid Need Resolve, Buffering, Not Cinema HD APK Real Debrid Not Working errors. You can download the latest version below to recover.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. Addressed an issue with RealDebrid buffering, which currently has this high priority. If you get a gray screen after installing this update, also check the screenshot below. Put it in the background to keep the service active.

If you still have lag and slow connection creep issues, don’t forget to clear your device’s cache and plugins/apk. It also clears the Torrent download queue to access your RD account online. Logout and login to restart everything with all services running successfully.

Cinema HD for Mac

What’s the problem with Cinema HD and Real Debrid?

Check out our full guide on how to install Cinema HD APK Real Debrid Not Working on Android TV boxes and smart TVs.

Can’t turn off auto resolution in Cinema HD

According to the latest report, users of older versions of Cinema HD can disable the ‘auto resolution’ feature. Currently, the latest updates to v2.3.0 and v2.3.1 leave the option to disable advanced link analysis grayed out for many users, allowing them to choose the same option. Also, Cinema HD cannot be degraded to an older version. If you don’t keep updating, you won’t be able to access the application.

If you are one of these users, make sure you are logged into your Real-Debrid account through Cinema HD APK. After logging into your Real-Debrid account for the first time, check if the Auto Resolution option is still grayed out.

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