Signal for Windows 10 Download Free 2024

By | December 7, 2021

Download the latest version of Signal for Windows 10 PC and Laptop for free: Make clear voice and video calls to people living in cities and seas without long-distance calls.

Signal for Windows 10

Complete Guide to Downloading and Installing

What is Signal Desktop?

signal app Desktop is a video calling application for Windows 10. You can download and install it on you

To use your PC / Desktop or Laptop, follow these step by step instructions. These commands are valid for 64 bits

And the 32-bit version.

How to download Signal Desktop for Windows 10?

  1. First, click on the green download button in the first part of the page.
  2. Scroll through the pages you have viewed until you see the Download Link box. Everything is included in this box
  3. signal for the windows 10 official download link in the Microsoft store.
  4. Then select the desired installer (online, offline laptop, etc) and click on the corresponding link.
  5. Last step: the download starts immediately or is sent to the official publisher.

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Download Call note for Windows 10

How to install Signal Desktop on Windows 10?

After downloading the signal app Desktop installer, you can install it by following these simple steps

speed: Start by double-clicking the right mouse button on the installer using a mouse, touchpad, or monitor.

  • A Windows 10 smart screen to confirm is displayed. Click on “Yes”.
  • Accept the terms and conditions according to the installation procedure provided by the following application.
  • If you don’t know anything, don’t forget to customize the signal for windows 10 app installs
  • Keep the default options to select.
  • Finally, wait for the installation to finish and then confirm the success
  • Confirm the installation and click Finish.

Signal for Windows

 How to uninstall SignalDesktop for Windows 10?

  1. Open Windows 10 settings.
  2. Then go to the Applications section.
  3. When the list of applications appears, search for the signal app.
  4. Click on it, then click Uninstall.
  5. Then confirm

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Is Signal Desktop free?

signal app is free software. Signal Desktop can be downloaded for free from

Is Signal Desktop secure?

Yes, Signal Desktop can be safely installed on Windows 10.

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Official preview

signal for windows 10 Desktop lets you make clear voice and video calls with people living in your city.

There are no long-distance rates across the sea. Send high-quality groups, texts, voices, videos, documents, And you have MMS anywhere in the world without paying any SMS or MMS charges.

signal aap messages and calls are always end-to-end encrypted

Communication security: We can’t see your messages or calls, and no one else can see them. Your signal app Chat history can be set correctly and disappear. Select another missing message

The interval of each conversation. All feed users share the same settings. The good memories continue even if this article disappears.

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Technical details

  1. Main Category: Video Call
  2. App Version: Latest Version
  3. Update time 2019-12-12
  4. Supported Windows operating systems: Windows 10 Application license: free
  5. Processor support: 64-bit and 32-bit
  6. Last app update: 2021-01-14 Manufacturer: signal app download

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