Cinema APK Crashing, Subtitles Error, Buffering/Not Installing Errors

By | July 14, 2021

Cinema APK Crashing, Subtitles Error, Buffering/Not Installing Errors: ISPs continue to block streams of third-party services like CinemaHD. However, using a VPN can easily solve this problem.

A reliable VPN can not only unblock your stream but also protect your highly secure encrypted streaming media activity. It gives you the long-awaited (which is constantly being destroyed) online privacy protection.

Solution 1: Use a VPN service if Cinema HD is not working properly

Here is an easy way to use a VPN on Cinema APK Crashing:

  1. Click here to sign up for ExpressVPN
  2. Access the search function from the FireStick home screen
  3. Type ExpressVPN to search
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to install
  5. Open the ExpressVPN app after installation
  6. Enter your ExpressVPN login credentials and log in
  7. Connect to the VPN server of your choice
  8. Once connected, restart Cinema APK and try to stream the title.

If you still can’t play, it’s probably due to a problem with the server. This particular streaming link may have been deleted from the server.

Cinema APK Crashing

Solution 2: Clear CinemaHD cache

If you are experiencing buffering errors or if video playback suddenly stops, this is most likely due to your device’s cache or temporary storage. If Cinema HD isn’t working, clearing the cache is a great way to troubleshoot buffering issues. Here’s how to clear the cache.

Here’s how to clear your data or clear your cache:

  1. From the main FireStick screen, go to Settings
  2. Click on Applications
  3. Then Click on Manage installed applications
  4. Click on the Cinema HD V2 application
  5. Then click on Clear cache

Note that clearing the cache does not remove app data like bookmarks, watchlists, downloads, etc.

Solution 3: Cinema HD APK Bad Subtitles / Bad Subtitles

This is a common issue that CinemaAPK users face, and you can easily fix it by following these steps:

Launch Cinema APK Crashing APK on your Android smartphone and search for what you like. Wait and let the app load all available connections.

Instead of choosing the Play option, click on any stream and choose the Play Subtitles option.

A list of languages ​​will appear in front of you. Choose “English” from there and enjoy.

[If you don’t see the option to play subtitles, go to app settings and set the default player to Is Player].

Solution 4: Cinema HD APK not installed / not playing

If you are installing Cinema APK, the most likely reason is that you did not follow the correct installation instructions. Follow the guide “How to install CINEMAAPK on Android / iOS devices” for the correct installation method. Install CinemaAPK on your smartphone using the same procedure.

Cinema APK Chromecast

Solution 5: APK Cinema (FIX) buffering issues

The most likely cause of the buffering problem is your internet connection. Check the speed of your Internet connection. It’s too slow, and your application may have buffering issues.

However, if your internet connection is good, it means your ISP is blocking Cinema APK Crashing internet access. In this case, we recommend that you install a VPN and transfer anonymously.

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